Lead for Impact is ready to deliver customized capacity-building and leadership development programs that will provide you with the skills you need to transform yourself, your organization, and the world in which we live. Our programs include frameworks and tools needed to consolidate knowledge across disciplines, to design effective strategies, and to be innovative with measurable results. Whether you or your organization are starting from scratch or need a new impetus for capacity and leadership development, we will adapt the training and programs to your needs.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Leadership Training Session

In the current dynamic, and ever-changing, reality we face a wide range of obstacles. From emergencies in our private lives and at work, to global events such as financial crises or a global pandemic. When a greater challenge occurs, having the toolkit and capacity to observe the situation, analyze it and outline a well-thought out plan for action will serve you well: research shows that if you have a plan, you’ll use your plan!

Curriculum Development

This service is for those who are in need of curricula for a wide variety of programming, from a one day retreat to a full certificate program. It is tailored to meet the most frequent needs in curriculum development (seminars, workshops, courses, activities and assessments) while including innovative frameworks and learner-centered practices to make your work come to life.

Transformational Leadership Development

Becoming a more effective leader requires self-awareness and an inspired understanding of one’s own intentions and purpose. This is why our approach is based on rigorous self-reflection coupled with interactive modules, manifesting the transformation that happens inside you and in your interaction with others.

Managing Change Effectively

This training is for people who are planning or managing a transition period at a workplace. It is tailored to meet the most common needs in those situations, to help people cope with the most frequent challenges and to teach preparation, change management, awareness during the process, and monitoring, evaluation and feedback during the transition.

Team Building and Fostering Teamwork

This training is aimed at people whose work involves working in effective groups. It is tailored to help people cope with the most frequent challenges in teamwork and teaches building the most efficient and well-functioning team, communication between team members and working out intra-group differences, and the role of a team leader.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity are one of the most desired qualities in companies. Numerous studies have shown that most successful firms, teams and individuals are creative, innovative and can think outside of the box. This training will provide you with ideas and techniques to become more creative at work and in life. 

Intercultural Awareness + Communication

This training is for people whose work or life centers around communication with people from different cultures and countries. It is tailored to discuss the most frequent challenges in intercultural communication and teaches cultural awareness, preparation, how to break cultural barriers and styles of communication.

Conflict Management 

This training is for people who want to better manage their conflicts at work or in everyday life. It is tailored to help people deal with the most frequent issues in conflict situations while teaching conflict analysis, how to switch the focus from positions to needs and feelings, how to actively listen, and understanding differences in power. 

Training Focus: Negotiation

This training is for people who want to better their performance in negotiation at work or in everyday life. It is tailored to meet the most frequent needs in negotiating while teaching negotiating styles, and how to prepare for negotiation, including active listening and paraphrasing for use in both collaborative and competitive negotiation.

Lead for Impact is here for you!

Bring your personal or professional need, project, strategic plan or vision to us and we will design a leadership and development program for you that will help you to transform your projects, organization, community and the world for the better.