Our Approach

Lead for Impact is not your typical leadership development program. We support change agents in leveraging their own assets, gifts, and passions to benefit the common good—by doing things differently.

We know that

context matters.

One size does not fit all

Our programs are based on a tailor-made and multidisciplinary approach, creating experiential learning and practice that drives sustained change.

Whether it is your goal to recognize systems and dynamics or to improve your communication and relationships, we support you with the necessary methods, frameworks, and training modules to fulfill it.

We base our work on our values: curiosity, inclusiveness, innovation, and compassion

Founded and led by a multigenerational team, Lead for Impact provides the fresh take and insights needed to address the pressing issues of our times while relying on the wisdom and experience gained from a constant, intergenerational, dialogue.

Our programs and trainings are reflective, collaborative, and fun. We help ground you in your existing expertise, rigorously, but joyfully. 

We couple reflections with real work

Based on our own learning experiences, we are convinced that personal and professional learning is ultimately based on doing.

While we offer off-site training, we also support longer-term capacity building, tied to real on-the-job projects. Growth is a continuous and complex process, and so is the social, economic, and political reality of our time. We are here to help you navigate your path to change.

We believe that 

change starts within

Becoming a more effective leader requires self-awareness and an inspired understanding of one’s own intentions and purpose.

This is why our approach is based on rigorous self-reflection coupled with interactive modules, manifesting the transformation that happens inside you and in your interaction with others.

Personal transformation is the prerequisite to the pursuit and vision of leaders that seek to have an impact on and transform their communities, organizations, and societies. They are deeply connected to their own discretionary inner resources, their creativity, purpose, and inspiration.

Transformational leaders are people-driven, leading by example and using rapport, innovation, and empathy to engage others for a commonly shared vision. They strongly believe in the interconnectedness of all beings and things, and display and encourage both emotional and intellectual stimulation through curiosity, discovery, and debate.

Frequently, though, transformational leaders lack a systematic roadmap or clarity in their purpose, values, and opportunities for impact in their communities and organizations. In short, they struggle with turning their vision into strategic and concrete action.

To lead for impact, transformational leaders have to connect the dots between their potential, their creativity, and their ideas and execute them in a palpable and vital manner.

We are here to support you in doing just that.